Carly Morris: Human rights group expresses concern over American they say is trapped in Saudi Arabia


A human rights organization has spoken out about an American they say remains trapped in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Freedom Initiative, Carly Morris “is stuck in Saudi Arabia under a travel ban and under constant threat of re-arrest.”

“Saudi authorities should immediately lift the travel ban against her and allow her to return home to the United States with her daughter,” Bethany Alhaidari, Saudi case manager for the Freedom Initiative, said in a press release Thursday.

The State Department said it is aware of reports that Morris has been released from custody in the country, spokesman Ned Price said, but would not comment on whether he was allowed to leave the country.

According to the organization, Alhaidari and her daughter were “lured” to Saudi Arabia in 2019 by her ex-husband, who is a Saudi citizen.

“Although Morris’ daughter only held US citizenship at the time of departure, upon her arrival in Saudi Arabia, she was immediately subject to the country’s male guardianship laws, under which she was forbids leaving the country without his father’s permission,” he said. . .

Morris was placed under a travel ban in September, according to the Freedom Initiative, and “was informed that she was under investigation for ‘disturbing public order.’

On Monday, she was summoned to a police station over an alleged problem with her daughter’s identification, the organization said, citing Morris’ family.

“Morris’ ex-husband was waiting at the police station and, upon Morris’ arrival, Saudi authorities forcibly returned her daughter to her father despite the girl’s protests to stay with her mother “, he said.

“Saudi authorities arrested Morris in front of her daughter and placed her in shackles around her ankles and wrists. During her detention, she was questioned about tweeting and communicating with the media and organizations of human rights about his situation. Interrogators informed him that doing so was a crime. He had no legal representation,” the Freedom Initiative said.

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