Nick Kyrgios settles legal case with Wimbledon fan he accuses of being ‘drunk out of his mind’, lawyers say


Lawyers for a Wimbledon spectator accused by Nick Kyrgios of being “drunk out of his mind” have issued an apology from the tennis star and say their client’s claim has been resolved.

“On July 10, 2022, during the Wimbledon men’s final, I told the referee that a fan, who I now know is Anna Palus, was distracting me during the match, believing I was drunk,” Kyrgios said in a statement. Knights Temple Law and submitted to CNN.

“I accept that this belief was mistaken and I apologize. To make amends, I have donated £20,000 (about $22,000) to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, a charity of Ms Palus’ choice. I will not be commenting on this matter again.” .

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a specialist children’s hospital in London, mainly dealing with children referred from other hospitals in the UK and abroad, as well as researching childhood illnesses.

Kyrgios, who was eventually defeated by Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final that day, had become angry during the competition after what he said was crowd noise.

He expressed his anger at the chair umpire at the time, calling for the fan to be ejected from the stadium for continuously talking to him during a game.

Kyrgios had asked the referee to remove the spectator from the court.

“She’s drunk out of her mind, so throw her out,” he said.

When the referee asked whose fan it was, Kyrgios gestured to the stands and said: “The one who looks like she’s had about 700 drinks.”

Palus says she was temporarily removed from the arena as a result.

She took legal action in August, saying Kyrgios’ allegation caused her and her family “substantial harm and distress,” through a statement from her lawyers sent to CNN.

With the case settled, Palus’ attorneys told CNN they would have no further comment.

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