Jennifer Aniston opens up about failed IVF and says she has ‘zero regrets’


Jennifer Aniston has opened up about her failed attempts to get pregnant, saying she has “zero regrets” about a difficult time in her life.

Speaking to reporter Danielle Pergament for an Allure magazine cover story, Aniston explained how she “went through some really tough shit” in her late 30s and 40s, but it made her the person she is today.

“That’s why I’m so grateful for all that shit. Otherwise, I would have been stuck being this person who was so afraid, so nervous, so unsure of who they were,” she said. “And now, I don’t really care.”

Aniston at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January 2020

Aniston went on to explain that it was referring to a period when she was trying to get pregnant.

“All the years and years and years of speculation… It was very hard. I was going through IVF, drinking Chinese teas, whatever. I was throwing everything out,” Aniston said.

“I would have given anything if someone had said to me, ‘Freeze your eggs.’ do yourself a favor You just don’t think about it. So I’m here today. The ship has sailed.”

However, Aniston said it’s good to finally have some closure.

“I have no regrets,” he said. “I’m actually kind of relieved now that there’s no more, ‘Can I?’ May be. May be. May be.’ I don’t have to think about that anymore.”

Later in the interview, Aniston opened up about her 2018 divorce from Justin Theroux and addressed speculation that the couple broke up because she “wouldn’t give him a child.”

“They were absolute lies,” he said. “I have nothing to hide at this point.”

Parchment asked Aniston if she would remarry.

“Never say never, but I have no interest,” he said. “I would love a relationship. Who knows? There are times when I want to curl up in a ball and say, ‘I need support.’ It would be wonderful to come home and fall into someone’s arms and say, ‘It was a day difficult”.

Aniston also spoke candidly about her dislike of social media, saying she only joined Instagram to launch her LolaVie hair care line.

“I hate social media. I’m not good at it,” she said, despite Instagram crashing when she opened an account because so many people were trying to follow her.

“It’s torture for me. The reason I went on Instagram was to launch this line,” she said. “Then the pandemic hit and we didn’t launch. So I was stuck on Instagram. It doesn’t come naturally.”

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