‘Hairspray alive!’ star Maddie Baillio loses 150 lbs


Maddie Baillio is feeling great these days.

The actress who played Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray Live!” of 2016. has revealed her weight loss of 150 lbs.

“I’m in a lovely, healthy relationship with myself and my body and my family and my partner. [boyfriend Solomon Reynolds]” Baillio recently told People. “I’m in a much more centered and grounded place.”

The former plus-size star told the publication that while she had always been comfortable with her body, it was while filming the remake of “Cinderella” starring Camila Cabello that she struggled to maintain- keep up with his fitter co-stars.

“There was a scene that didn’t make it into the movie, where me and the other half-sister [Charlotte Spencer] led a group of about 300 girls (fantastic, slim dancers, they already had it going) down this 50-meter path to the castle singing ‘Single Ladies’ and dancing,” she said. “I couldn’t keep up with the choreography. I kept losing my breath. We’d have to start reshooting the scene over and over again for me.”

Then Covid-19 hit, she said, and she started walking in her spare time and changing her diet, eventually going vegan.

Baillio is now more than half the size she used to be, has more energy and is excited about her future, she said.

“I’m inspired by the change in mindset,” she said. “I want to play my dream roles on Broadway that have nothing to do with my weight. And I definitely see it going in that direction.”

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